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Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
america strong and get america's middle-class working again. thank you, jim. >> thank you. the next debate will be on thursday, october 11 on -- at center college in kentucky for now, i am -- aa center college in kentucky." for now, i am jim lehrer. good night. [applause] >> and now, the familles are on stage as the first of three presidential debates comes to a close. we have been falling the romney campaign. carl, an event like this ends, whoever you were for you believe it did just great. whether you were againstou think did just horribly. >> it will be hard to judge initially. like so many debates, the spot analysis that will happen in the spin room for the next three or four hours, wwat will be all over social media, is likely to evolve over the next few days as people begin to analyze in depth and take a look to the accuracy of the things that were set as well as the demeanor of the candidates. in just about every single answer, mitt romney looked at the prrsident and looked him in the eye and addressed the president directly.+ in most of his answers, president obama spoke to either
Oct 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
in fernando rodney....after 2 singles...jim ttome up with no batter... a mark reynolds chases the changeup in the dirt for the 2nd ouu....o's final chance... endy chavez bouncer back to the mound...rodnee picks up his 47th save as the rays beat the o's 5-3.... it looks as if the orioles may aa all in the ppst-season... nick markaais was sspposed to brokee humb, butt he damaged - was stilltoo ssvere...thee'll wait another week to do thee markakis s still about three weeks awaa, at the earliest, from returning..ttat's world series tiie...markakis wws hit by a pitch in the thumb in early december the avens react to the sad news about former ddfensive coordinatoo chuck pagano... cominggup at 11-30 on the late 2... car recaals... to... tell you about ...// ...//first...hhnda is recalling more than half a &p in... the u-s.../.a...é defectivv powerr steering hose ...can leak fluid... and catch fire.../. affects... accords with... v-6 - engines... from p.. 2003-to-2007...the... company will replacc the hoses... ffr pree,...//
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
then set he stage for jim joonson, ho gets evan llngoria to grrond out to manny achado...the 51st save for johnsonnhassthe orioles win 1-0behhnd davis' massive blast off the dominating mister shhelds... 3 thii is where it stands as of right now...the yankees are innings so temporarill,they maintain a half game lead over the o' the wildcard, the a's and texas are just so the oriooes have a n ttee2nd that race..and that's where t stands, up to the minute much more from tampa...and ww'll hear from theeravens, too....ports unlimited continues at 11:30 prescription drugs.... can cost... a...lot of . to skip filliig ppescriptions... take expiied drugs......or skippdoses. doses.tom rodgers ... consumer reports ...has advice... to... help you... saae money .... safely. safely. p(tom on cam))nnarly half of all adult americans take prescriptionnmedication regularly. (sot: pharmacist) "can you vvrify your address for me?" (v/o)but for common ailments likk allergies... (natsott sneezz)... acid reflux a r aahes and pains, be in your medicine cabinet. (sot)"our analysis shows
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3